WP5 - Local livelihoods and food security

The primary objective of WP5 is to assess the costs and benefits of REDD+ for short and long term livelihood perspectives and food security at the local level. Based on realistic scenarios of forest conservation and REDD+ payments in selected case areas, WP5 assesses the impacts on local livelihoods and long term welfare through three complementary activities:

  1. Opportunity costs associated with different livelihood and land use systems are assessed to establish whether the actual REDD+ rent can offset the foregone land use and livelihood opportunities.
  2. Assessment of REDD+ impacts on livelihoods by analysing potential direct and indirect costs and benefits of REDD+ through participatory approaches.
  3. Monitoring of livelihood impacts of REDD+ by local communities through participatory methods.

WP leadership is ensured by Institut de recherche pour le développement.

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