WP7 - Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) and capacity development

WP7 will design monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems for each case study site. The MRV systems will encompass four critical areas of relevance to REDD+ (greenhouse gas emissions, land use change, governance, and livelihood impacts) and assess REDD+ activities in terms of their effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and co-benefits (3Es+). WP7 will hence synthesize the outcomes from WP2 to WP6 and work in close collaboration with all I-REDD+ partners. WP7 will develop flexible MRV systems that can be readily adapted to the individual site conditions. Methodologically, WP7 will develop a publicly accessible, spatially explicit simulation model to understand historic forest and land use transitions, to suggest varying crediting baselines, and to simulate the outcomes of REDD+. The model development and data collections will draw on participatory elicitation methods and will be validated with rural stakeholders. Potential users of the MRV systems will be trained using an online platform that allows adapting the model to local situations and entering more recent evidence.

By Cope Media